My baby is 1 month and some days she is too cranky.. Wat to do

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Created by Charul Gupta
Updated on Mar 16, 2016

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| Mar 17, 2016

Thank u so much for ur detailed explanation

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| Mar 16, 2016

Hi Charul! How r u? Congratulations on the arrival of your lil bundle of joy! The little angel has just arrived so everything is new for her and I believe this is your first experience as a Mother too! Try and understand what she wants and soothe her with your warm hugs. if she cries u could take her in your lap and if she still doesn't calm down,try feeding her. Sing her a lullaby, massage her back, avoid having loud noises or bright lights when she is sleepy. Try and follow a routine that makes the child less cranky. if all this doesn't comfort her still, she could be colicky. Try and give her a burp after every feed. Just relax and observe signs and with hit and trial method u would be able to soothe her! Also Charul take breaks in between and relax by taking help of elders or your hubby. This is the best phase of your live, enjoy it to the fullest!

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| Mar 16, 2016

Hi. Congrats for this new life :) she is too young to understand anything. Please take care of your food as it might make her colicky if you are feeding her. Else babies have their routine and don't get too cranky at this age. Hope it helps!

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