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My baby is 15 months old and has left eating boiled veggies,vegetable daliya chapatti everything. Earlier his routine was fine but now don't know what to feed

Garima Chopra
1 to 3 years

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Updated on Apr 17, 2016

Food n nutrition

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Arika Tiwari

| Jun 26, 2016

Hi Garima, my baby too have same problem... you can give your baby makhane, boiled egg, dalia add lauki in dal, suji kheer, anar, fruit custard, boil carrot and cut it into various shapes, prepare aate ka haula and make different shapes of it... may be he eats this time ....all the best.

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Mushaf Sayyed Kazi

| Jun 11, 2016

Hi my daughter is 18 months old.. but she is still not walking without balance..

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