my baby is 5 month old now she is not accepting formula milk at all nd she is want only breastfeed but my breast milk is not sufficient for her I'm trying everything what can I do

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Updated on Jan 16, 2020

I'm trying everything for increase the breast milk but not works.. nd

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| Jan 16, 2020

Hi prity! The more u will breastfeed, the more will be the milk production. Feed every 2 hours. also have a balanced diet, maintain hydration, have galactagouges like masoor dal and arhar dal, Dalia, jeera , ajwain,saunf, methidana etc

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| Jan 16, 2020

Helo Prity the body has the ability to produce enough milk for baby. It works on demand and supply. Allow baby to suck on your breasts. All of sudden there is no concept like no milk secretion as you are breastfeeding your baby. I guess you may have some lactation issues better consult lactation counsellor. Eat foods like oats, fish, mutton. rice porridge cooked with garlic, coconut, small onions, and jeera is what i had for milk secretion and which helped me alot. In the initial days i too had low milk supply after having this rice porridge my milk supply is good. Empty your breasts in each feed before going to another side. The more you empty your breasts the milk secretion will happen. Believe in your body that it can produce enough milk for your baby. Dont get stressed that you dont have milk that itself will make your supply low. Look into the baby eyes and listen to their drinking sound it will help in milk secretion which was told by my grandmother it is a psychological concept.

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