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My baby is 7 month +from when shall i give her cow milk ..and my baby is not eating salty things .my doc suggested that after 6 month i can add sugar n salt

Smita Bose
0 to 1 years

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Updated on Oct 16, 2015


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Zanzanil Patel

| Oct 16, 2015

Hii Smita, Because children are used to the taste of mothers milk they don't accept new taste very easily. They will not have a stomach full meal just yet. The idea is keep giving them new things n tastes to try and experiment. Even a spoon or 2 of eating is also enough. After my son was about 8 months i used to sit for my meals with him. This was he learned eating eventually and now eats full meals. Don't worry about the quantity your child eats just give him whatever he feels fine. It takes time for them to learn to eat.

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