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My baby is 9 months old and he doesn't like to eat anythin

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Updated on May 09, 2016

Hi moms I m bit worried as my prince is 9months old and he doesn't like to eat anything . He only want breast-feeding. we try to feed him bit he just take one or two spoon den he avoids it whatever it may be ceralc, dal,khichdi. plz suggest what can I do

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| May 09, 2016

Hi Namita. I m no expert to comment to this issue, as even my son tortures me, who is 14 nd half months now, till date to eat solid foods. But what my doctor has to say on this is that how much ever your kid intakes, 3-4 spoons.. Just give that.. ! Dont force feed.. ! Its just that kids should learn to develop and enhance their taste buds with varieties. But still with an indian mentality, i know, its very difficult to adapt to such a thing. Its difficult for me too, till date.. Nd i become more frustrated, when my son irritates me more by not taking any food.. And with babies who are on breast milk, its more difficult for them coz once they get the smell of mother's milk, they get attracted towards it and they would more of it all the time.. But i wud say, dont give up. Just try with varieties and go for it. I know, its easier said than done Happy Parenting!

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