My baby is a month old . i use to breastfeed her and once i use to give her formula as she was showing signs of hunger. slowly my milk production has decreased so much that in the last 3 days i have expressed only 10 ml of milk. please advise how to increase milk, and how i can avoid giving formula

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Updated on Feb 05, 2020

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| Feb 05, 2020

Akshita to increase breastfeed you must give suction time to the baby and eat healthy and nutritious food with green leafy vegetables fruits nuts milk cheese paneer Dahi Lassi etc... you must have protein rich diet must also eat Daliya and to increase your your milk production you must have ajwain jeera and fenugreek or methi dana in your diet you can add ajwain to your parantha jeera to your dal and chawal and fenugreek aur methi dana to kadhi. this will help you increase the milk or breastfeed... you must not take tension because breastfeed is related to hormones and it can get imbalanced if you take stress

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| Feb 05, 2020

The breast milk depends on demand and supply.. the more u breastfeed Ur baby the more u will produce.. when u substitute more formula and less breast milk Ur production decreases.. u need to keep on breastfeeding frequently whenever Ur baby demands.. u can give formula once or twice a day so Ur production stays intact

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| Feb 06, 2020

Helo Akshita our body has the ability to produce enough milk for the baby. Please trust your body that you can secrete enough milk. Please dont give formula. Don't doubt about your supply that itself will decrease your milk secretion. Be patient. Allow the baby to suck your breast. This is the only thing which helps in milk secretion. Whenever baby demands milk allow baby to suck well. This sucking process is like a massage for the breasts which opens the milk production glands. You are a new mother so it will take few days for proper supply so in between dont give formula. Eat healthy foods, include non veg, eat egg, have oats, drink jeera watee, drink lot of water always make sure you keep your body hydrated. Have rice porridge adding little jeera, fenugreek, small onion, garlic, grated coconut give three whistles in pressure cooker and have. It really helped it. Read the following blogs Blogs-,,

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