My baby is not gaining enough weight.

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Updated on Mar 07, 2018

My baby girl has not been gaining enough weight . her birth weight was 3. 38 kg and at 5 months she is 5. 5 kg. she has been frequently vomiting due to acid reflex /Ger and has been prescribed rantac and domstal. she is an exclusively breast fed baby. she cries a lot but otherwise an active baby I would like to ask if I can start with semi solid food to stop vomiting? can I Start with formula milk for weight gain ? Could acid problem be because of mothers diet also apart from their immature system .can bringing a change in diet be helpful.

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| Mar 07, 2018

hi Charu Manchanda ! since yr baby is undergoing treatment for reflux , it is advisable to please consult yr doc on the same..

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