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my baby is not saying sorry ti others

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Oct 07, 2017

if she did wrong she wont say sorry to that person. after 3 .4 hr she will say

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| Oct 08, 2017

Hi Swathi, Usually the little ones feel embarrassed to say sorry. The reason for us to expect our children to say sorry is to make them realize what they did wrong and why it's wrong. So do not force her to say sorry. Because if she says sorry without realizing her mistakes, it is not going to help her correct her mistakes. So when she is calm and composed, explain to her what she did wrong and focus more on the feelings of others. How the other person felt because of her mistake - example : she refused to share or play with other kids, refused to take turns, she accidently pushed someone in the playground, she yelled at you etc.. explain how it hurts others feelings when she behaves like that. Bring in empathy. Whenever you make mistakes, you immediately apologize explaining what you did wrong and how you realized it.. eventually your child will also mean it when she says sorry.

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| Oct 07, 2017

hi Swathi! we are role models for our children . set an example for her by saying 'Sorry' immediately after u do a mistake . she would learn sooner or later imitating u. praise her when she says sorry.

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