My boy beats children

1 to 3 years

Created by Chhavi Gomber
Updated on Jul 05, 2017

Hi mommies, I m a mother of twins (a boy n a girl). My main concern is since last one week my boy is beating his sister n if I stop him he beats me too. I hv tried all the possible methods to stop him.... With Love, with anger but all in vain. Please help. This is my last try putting q o this site because I have so many questions nobody replies here.

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| Jul 05, 2017

hi Chavvi Gomber! sorry for the inconvenience caused. is he able to express in words?? please make sure he is not Imitating anyone. Everytime he raises his hand to hit her, remind him "No hitting, hitting hurts". tell him politely. when he doesn't hit , praise him , hug him and your girl. make them hug each other. praise both. but if he doesn't listen don't shout, just repeat yourself 'NO hitting' and leave the room, so that he knows he behaved badly. scolding or hitting him would give him attention ,that he is seeking. also please ensure, no one else at home is hitting her, so that he doesn't have a role model to imitate. hope this helps!

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| Jul 05, 2017

Hello Chhavi, please don't feel bad.. we are ready to help you dear... !! Chhavi, children generally beat other children out of insecurity and confusion. If you say your son with love also not to beat his sister... it will not work unless you clear his anxiety. lt can be that he thinks his sister will take away his all toys.. or she gets more attention from everybody than he gets. You may think that he is very small for all these thinking.. but even small children feel depression,anxiety and confusion. He is not clear that why another little girl is sharing his stuffs... why his mother taking care of this girl ..etc. Please explain him that he and his sister are inseparable part of your life. Show him photographs where they are sitting or playing together. Tell him showing your tummy that both of them have come from there. Tell him that she will not take away his toys... try to give them same toys without any gender discrimination like blue toys for boys and pink toys for girls. Tell him a sweet charming boy like him should not have this bad quality of beating another sweet girl who is his sister.

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