My child anger behaviour.

1 to 3 years

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Updated on Jan 06, 2017

he is very short tampered. if no one listen to him or agree with his,he start throwing objects and start crying. please help how to handle with this situation.

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| Jan 06, 2017

Even I am going through the same situation please help us guys

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| Jan 07, 2017

hi Shalini Gupta! I understand your worries! he is doing it purposely to catch your attention. first and foremost keep precious as well as fragile things out of his reach and ensure he doesn't harm himself, secondly, if he throws things and shouts leave the room immediately without saying a word, as his only intention is to catch your attention. the moment he realizes, he is not going to get any of it , he would immediately stop. thirdly let him calm down and come to you and without getting into any arguments let him know if he wants to talk it out, he can without shouting or crying as you are otherwise not listening to him.. last but not the least pay attention to him only and only if he is behaving nicely and after giving him a patient ear , praise him for talking it out rather than throwing a fit. hug him , caress him. help him express in words , what he wants and how he is feeling .the better he is able to express, lesser would be the frustration. hope this helps!!

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| Jan 14, 2017

While I agree with what is shared here also add to it that let it never get into power struggle. and yes maintain your calmness and be composed

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