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My child doesn't listens to me he is 3. 3years

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Jun 30, 2017

When he starts writting he talks but when he has free time he doesn't talks a word

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| Jun 30, 2017

hi Chitra! I do understand your concern. when a child is writing or doing any activity which is not his favorite he would think of ways so that he doesn't have to do it. he may bring up things which has no relevance at that point in time , as he knows Mumma would give attention to him now. at other times when he is not studying and is doing other tasks , your attention is also divided as u r busy doing other chores and he's also occupied in other things so there in no one-on-one kind of discussion. it's advisable to give a patient ear to him when he says something immediately after he has finished studies or just before he begins to study. praise him for being patient till he finish studies.. that would pass on the message to him that he can talk before and after but not while studying as he needs to concentrate on studies. hope this helps!

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| Jul 01, 2017

I too have the same issue. My son is 3. 6 years old. He also use to speak on different topics when I ask him to colour or practice writing. But his gripping has improved a lot. he do colours well provided I keep on reminding him to colour on the left areas. Don't know how to manage??

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