my child don't like food...... she vomit when we eats the food...... she likes only chocolates n chips..... she likes fruits only mango

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Updated on Jul 13, 2017

baby don't like eat food

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| Jul 13, 2017

hi Vanya! a 4 year old should not be treated like a baby anymore. ideally speaking she should eat whatever u cook at home. serve her food on the dining table with no distractions .look for methods which work on her like praising, reward such as smiley or a sticker, story telling or even role playing. tell her through these how children who eat only chips and biscuits have to suffer in the longer run. how they would become obese and may not be able to concentrate in class. take the help of your family doctor who could talk to her regarding this. hope this helps!

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| Jul 16, 2017

change the oil u choose for cooking may be she don't like it because its smell she don't like it.

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| Jul 21, 2017

Hi Vanya, You can have her friend over and give food to both of them. She will definitely try the food when she see her friend or other kids eating. Also discuss about how good the food tastes in front of her. And don't force feed her or run behind her. Make her sit on the dining table and let her watch you guys eating .. Avoid offering until she asks.. and try not to keep chips and chocolates at home. Even if she throw tantrums don't buy them. Make a rule that until she eats food she will not get any chips or chocolates. Hope this helps. All the best!!!

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