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my child has over come through his parents fighting period in very small age 2to5 and now he afraid to meet any guest or talk some body

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Jun 29, 2017

how inhance confidance in him

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| Jun 29, 2017

hi Priya Jain! it can be very distressing for a child to see two people he loves the most argue or take out their frustration on each other.. it can be really scary and the impression it leaves could be long lasting and sometimes it can even affect his own marital as well as overall life. there could be many reasons for being scared of guests. since he has not been able to develop trust on his primary caregiver even , he feels he is definitely not safe with strangers around. probably he feels the argument would escalate with guests around or when they leave. Priya to rebuild that trust, u need to work on the realtionship with your hubby. talk to him and discuss with him ,in this whole scenario your child is the ultimate victim. so u must settle this asap. damage already done cant be corrected easily but please make sure in future he doesn't get to see such episodes again and the arguments can be settled behind closed doors. Priya he has already been through a lot , now it's time he sees the good part of life . I am sure he will overcome it soon with your and your hubby's joint efforts. hope this helps!

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