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my child hates his grandparents as they always criticize him for his bad behavior

7 to 11 years

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Updated on Feb 08, 2018

my son is very sharp intelligent but also a hyper behavior child,he doesn't want to listen no ,he is full of confidence and he doesn't like any instructions,he always wants to do different from other people,he studies encyclopedia he has lot of knowledge but in class he perform below average, and and answer me l will pass this is enough,his grand parents always abuse him for his indiciplined behavior now he is also abusing them,l don't know what to do please help

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| Feb 08, 2018

hi Ruchi Shrivastava ! consider this situation. if someone tells a child everyday ,day in and day out' u r good for nothing , u don't even know how to behave, u r so bad, u mess up with everything, u r a nuisance in this house' and so on, chances are child would say okay fine I am good for nothing, let me show u what can I do and he would prove their point. this is exactly the situation that u r in.. u need to bridge the gap between grandparents and the child and bring harmony between them as hatred towards them can affect child's behavior , his future and even his psyche. try and project a positive side of them and don't support him for behaving badly with them . set an example by behaving nicely and listening to them, avoid replying back or using abusive lang . I am sure seeing a change in behavior of child, they would try and change too.

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