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my child hesitate to perform assembly program in stage. How should I improve?

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Feb 19, 2017

what steps I should take to increase my child self esteem and confidence too. my son is 6yr n6months old.

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| Apr 06, 2017

i think u should go for drama classes... it will help him to get rid off hesitation

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| Feb 20, 2017

hi Reyhana Jahan! Hope u r doing good! I understand your concerns. some children are shy by nature and fear stage appearance. begin from home to overcome his inhibitions, have a mike at home and on a raised platform ask your child to say anything be it a few lines on self or any other topic. appreciate him, praise him for his efforts. similarly seek his opinion on various general topics and praise him for voicing it out. u could also record a video and show it to him and others , praise him how well he performed. also allow him to participate in neighborhood or community events. if he wishes to he could also join any hobby club as per his choice such as art, music , dance, dramatics etc. once he will start getting praise at home , he will begin to believe ,yes he can do it too, and u could take it forward to next level and make him speak in class and finally on stage. this can take time but each day and each praise that u make , will count and will act as a springboard in his struggle of overcoming his stage fear. hope this helps!

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