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my child is 3 told. I live in a small-town my child is not getting much English Lang exposure in d school as well. how can I give her that exposure alone?

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Mar 05, 2017

English language exposure

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| Mar 05, 2017

hi pragya, there are many options through which you can develop your kids language. as you know mother is the first teacher and house is the first school for any child, you make her learn things at home and ask other family members to help you in the whole process. This is right time when you can easily make your child learn everything you want. you start the communication in english even if the baby is not able to understand, keep going. After a period of time she will start assuming things, slowly and gradually she will understand. Dont go directly with sentences, first start with words. Like whenever she feels thirsty thn ask her 'you want water' instead of paani, tell her 'bring potato' instead of aalu etc. In your day today life include words and make it for permanent use so that baby can follow you. Introduce her names of vegetables, fruits, grains, cloths, household things, kitchen metarials, things around you in english . Ask your husband and other family membersto do the same, as alone it is difficult to execute the plan. Besides subscribe some english cartoon network or rhymes channel, download some stories and rhymes, alphabetical and numerical songs. Try this and you will observe a change in baby within a week.

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| Mar 06, 2017

hi Pragya Jain! I second Puloma . small town doesnt limit your abilities. sky is the limit if u dream big. make books his best friend. have loads of picture books, cartoon character books, alphabets, rhymes and general awareness books in his room. help him find meaning of difficult words and improve his diction. make him watch cartoon in English language by changing language to English. make sure u converse with him in English and since he is spending more time at home than school, it becomes all the more essential. also keep adding words to his vocab and keep repeating those in everyday use. u can visual aids like placards, picture books, charts, books with sound, and also real objects around. relate things with real life to give a better picture. hope this helps!

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| Mar 07, 2017

thank u paluma and shirts for ur feed back. she he a v good English vocabulary and she has many picture books also. the problem is she is too much influenced with language used in school. she is able to comprehend simple short English sentences but now a days she has started ignoring whenever I talk to her in English. she tries to divert my attention. I don't want her to spoil her language and speak like haryanvees. dts y I m more concerned.

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