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my child is 3yrs 5 months he is going to school.

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Updated on Jul 13, 2017

he is 3yrs 5months. my child is not played with other students.. he is not sitting on class room. he ' s sit playing room.. I don't want to go that school mummy like he told to me.. please tell me the solution ..

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| Jul 13, 2017

Hi Sarala Reddy!I do understand your concern. some children prefer to involve themselves in solitary play and they don't mix up with agemates easily. it's advisable to look for a child from his class who stays nearby and with whom he could play in the evening as well. the more often he would meet this child, more he would open up and be comfortable with him. gradually with a friend in class , he would enjoy sitting there and make more friends.. also talk to his teachers and share his favorite topics so that try could initiate a talk with him and involve him. hope this helps!

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