my child is 7 years old from last 2 months he is getting dark circles below eyes. is it due to some vitamin deficiency or some other reason.. pls suggest

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Updated on Jun 12, 2020

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| Jun 12, 2020

Hi tanuja ! There could be many reasons for the same such as sleep deprivation, allergies, congestion, exposure to sun, family history, fatigue, etc. if it's been happening since last two months only, please ensure the child is following proper sleep hygiene and is in his bed by 10 pm max and wakes up early by 7. keep him active by involving him in yoga, aerobics, etc. Also take care of his nutrition by incorporating green leafy vegetables, seasonal fruits and vegetables, food trail, probiotics like yogurt, curd, buttermilk, etc also keep junk food out of sight. Keep nutritious snacks handy such as peanut chaat, fruit chaat etc . also you could structure his day by planning a routine. here is a blog with more information on the same. Blogs- . Also you could watch a video on how tk structure your child's day during lockdown. Blogs-

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| Jun 13, 2020

Dark circle s might be related to poor sleep, extreme crying, vitamin deficiency or even hereditary. If it is familial, then hardly you can do anything. But if other reasons are there you can correct them Start working on each one. Improve the diet, give wholesome food, allow more sleep, make him playful etc. I hope soon the dark circles will be gone.

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