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My child is extremely slow and reluctant to write anything. He knows every answer but just does not write in exam. If he writes, he is very slow.

7 to 11 years

Created by Sharmila Chakraborty
Updated on Apr 01, 2017


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| Sep 01, 2017

I have same prblm too

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| Apr 04, 2017

I too hv same problem with my son who has now come to fourth standard..... i tried all tricks with very little improvement and actually am worried bcoz daily his notes are incomplete and during exams ....time is not sufficient. ..

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| Apr 04, 2017

I also hv the same problem, my daughter is also very slow in writing... She feels it very boring... I tried all the tricks like, if she finishes 15 min. then I'll let her do her wish but every kind of tricks failed... this year she'll be in third class, I don't know how to make her to write fast so that she could finish her class work in time in school.

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| Apr 02, 2017

You can try giving some writing work at home with realistic deadline (First try with her favorite topics) you can say that she will get something for every 10% time she is saving... For example of you finish 5 mins earlier will give you a cookie and if you finish 10 mins earlier you would get 2... if she gets atleast 1 cookie every day, she is getting an ice cream in a week... Also check if she is holding her pencil, notebook in a comfortable way, check if her eyes are not having any issue

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