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my child is over weight how to loss his weight by simple way he is so foody

7 to 11 years

Created by Pramila Subba
Updated on Aug 09, 2017

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| Aug 14, 2017

hi Shilpa Nandi Deb ! u need the help of a child counselor or a child psychologist . there is no harm in visiting one and seeking her expert advise.

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| Aug 14, 2017

Dear Shilpa Nandi Deb You may need to assess his learning abilities pertaining to his arithmetic and mathematic skills. I run a school and it is very common that a student in class 4 has the actual abilities of a class 2 or 3 sometimes. So in this case what we need to do is go back and build fundamentals/concepts of grade 2 or 3 and build upto grade 4 so that he starts liking grade 4 math. It's like I have the abilities of playing at a distinct level cricket and you put me in IPL cricket team and so I am scared of cricket for the entire life. my 2 cents.

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| Aug 11, 2017

My son 9yrs old std 4 is good in all subjects except mathematics ,even he don't want to do math practice,his handwriting is very poor and typical, please suggest what should I do .Should I meet Child physiatrist?

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| Aug 10, 2017

hi Pramila Subba! encourage him to take up a sport or any activity as per his choice such as cycling, badminton, lawn tennis etc. reduce his carbohydrate and fat intake. replace junk with healthy food options . salads , fresh fruits , whole grain cereals, vegetables , toned milk , pluses , curd etc. should be added to his diet. hope this helps!

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| Aug 09, 2017

please suggest me

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