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My child not enjoying nature

7 to 11 years

Created by Nishtha Dutt
Updated on Sep 23, 2013

Hi parents,In today’s time where air conditioning is everywhere it is very important to be close to nature and be in fresh air. Children spent most of the time indoor, and don’t want to go outside to play. My child too loves to be at home and play Indore games where as I want him to enjoy nature and understands the benefits of it as it is also very important for an overall development of a child.

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| Sep 23, 2013

Dear Nishita. You could try taking those indoor games (which he likes to play when home) outdoors, sit somewhere and play them! You could start this way and slowly other things around him could catch his attention. This way he will be tempted to discover the interesting things around him, which includes all that Shikha has mentioned in her comment. Hope it works out!

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| Sep 23, 2013

Hi dear Nishtha! It's suggested please create opportunities for the child to go out and explore options. U could make him join classes or coaching for a sport of his interest, send him for cycling everyday, help him build a circle of friends with whom he can play out for 1-2 hours. U cud put a limit on use of gadgets at home and accompany the child to park, play badminton, frisbee etc. with the child. Plan picnics on weekends, inculcate liking for exploring nature for ex u cud collect leaves of different sizes, shapes, teach him difference between trees, shrubs, bushes, climbers etc, tell him about different parts of a plant, take pictures of birds, listen to their sounds, talk about flowers, their parts, watch them grow, insects, germination of seeds, types of soil etc. close observation of nature is what would promote this behavior and finally develop interest in it. Hope this helps!

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