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my child was so cute but his is so nauthy ,he was busy 24 hrs in playing with small bikes cars and when it was not found he goes on crying for long time

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Jul 18, 2017

when he was crying I can't handle him in any way even it's on midnights too. I can't​ control myself with his behaviors causing headache, irritability​,when I'm​ trying to calm him he won't listen to me he continues his crying until that small bike is in his hands ,now a days there were no grandparents ,job purpose going far from native place no communication there will be no relative to see only mother Father any siblings in this way only mother has to take the responsibility of child's healthy growth. so ur answers for this generation are helpful personally I have experienced with my child. myself I'm satisfied with reading this useful article thank u

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