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My child watches wwe how to stop it

11 to 16 years

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Updated on Oct 23, 2016

How to stop my child watching wwe

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| Oct 23, 2016

hi Rhea exercise parental control in your TV and put that channel/ show in that category.

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| Nov 02, 2016

So there are 2 approaches here. 1) Short term solution 2) Long term solution Using parental control is one of the immediate and easiest way but it can have repercussion depending on the child's mindset and nature. Personally in our work we have found long term solution highly effective because as parents we are more concerned about futuristic perspective. To start with you may start watching WWE with them may be once or twice and start talking about it at random. Yes as weird as it seems , but to bring about any transformation there has to be relation building on non judgemental platform. After few rounds of discussion you may discuss some mature stuff about how at psychological level watching affects their actions , life and give him space to take his own decision. As parents you may share few incidences (actual or made-up )of how watching has impacted someone's real life and then give them space to think without concluding on their behalf. After having these rounds of conversation you may find slow changes which you should APPRECIATE strongly which adds to their motivation and thus working on positive direction . I hope this helps.

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