my child will cry and shout if I don't get toys or love cream

1 to 3 years

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Updated on Jun 11, 2017

I want to know how tackle with child for this type of behavior and we parents loose temper

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| Jun 11, 2017

hi Harish Kumar! I know it's indeed frustrating for a parent to see their child cry for one thing or the other. to find a way out, stop giving attention to your child when he is throwing a tantrum or lying down on floor crying , or creating a scene . the more he would see u giving attention, the more he would get reinforcement to continue doing it. don't feel embarrassed , thinking what others must be thinking about u being a bad parent and letting this happen to your child. instead when he is done with it, pick him up and take him to the car and let him know we r going back home since he's​ been behaving badly. let him know this behavior is not acceptable. in future as well if he continues with behavior like this he will have to miss on the fun part. please ensure u r being firm and not harsh on the child. avoid yelling at him or hitting him. avoid scolding him front of everyone. just when he is calm , pick him up and take him back home. the message would be loud and clear this behavior won't be tolerated . hope this would be of help to u!

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