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my children are scared of studying from me

7 to 11 years

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Updated on Jan 14, 2017

my children run away when i call them for studies

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| Jan 15, 2017

hi Urvashi! Hope u r doing good! I can understand it could be very frustrating ! before calling them on study table tell yourself , u will not scold them or shout at them and if u feel angry u will count till 10 or stand in the balcony or divert your mind by going to the kitchen and having a glass of water without your children realizing it that u r getting angry. in other words Urvashi, more than bringing a change in them u need to work on yourself and learn anger management techniques. also bring a change in your teaching style and add fun and humor to it. give examples from day to day life . think of practical experiments in EVS or more of craft activity to keep the children interested. hope this helps!!

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