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Updated on Jul 18, 2017

hi,i am shilpi biswas. my 4. 10 years old son does not listen to us at all. when i constantly make him to realise in any single issue,he always stuck to his demand. i reapetedly try to make him realise the situation. but he never listen to me and always fixed his own demand. how it could be solved. besides i am unable to teach him good manners because i live in a joint family and here all gave him both their ideas and also scold him. please give me advice to handle my son. they never listen to me.

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| Jul 18, 2017

hi Shilpi Biswas! I do comprehend your concern. in a joint family where all family members have different viewpoints regarding disciplining the child as well as on other areas related to child rearing, it does get difficult for the primary caregiver at times. child also gets the idea ,if scolded there are people to take his side. its advisable to talk to your child to behave well, involve his father as well in this discussion. your hubby could let him the know the rules which he needs to abide by such as listening to u, following instructions and a fixed routine. demands will be fulfilled only after analysing his behavior. if he has consistently behaved well for a week, u would fulfill his one demand. as far as other members are concerned please tell them politely without blaming any particular member , with their intervention when u r already talking to him things get difficult for u to manage.. hope this helps!

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