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My daughter aarna.. behaves very dumb in crowd. ..she is vry sharp n intelligent. .but no response in public. .

1 to 3 years

Created by Sonam Arora
Updated on Dec 13, 2015

Child psychology n behaviour

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| Dec 14, 2015

Thanx Farida bharmal n Shikha batra.. for ur advise. ..liked ur suggestions. ..thanx so much...

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| Dec 14, 2015

Hi Sonam, Kids react in certain manners which we wouldn't have thought possible, however they learn quickly to, my younger son is just like this, he's sharp and intelligent, but doesn't want to be bothered with people around him, unless they fool around with him just the way he likes. Just a matter of time I would say for them to come in terms with their surroundings.

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| Dec 13, 2015

Hi Sonam! I can understand that u have been working really hard on your child and it's indeed very frustrating when your child does not perform according to your expectations. But,shyness is part of her personality which might be little trying to deal with. It would be advisable to accept first that Aarna is a shy child and work on that by boosting her morale in a positive manner, as criticizing her would mean further pushing her to her shell. Begin from home itself , give her the chance to express and have a say in taking decisions like what to wear, what to eat. When you go to market ask her to tell shopkeeper what she wants. When in a park tell her to make friends and wish elders. If she doesnt do it please dont scold her. Rather u begin by saying Namaste or hello to people around and looking at you being comfortable with them she would open up may be within few weeks .Appreciate her for the same by saying 'Good job, well done or very nice '. She needs your appreciation and praise at every step to come out as a confident smart being. There is nothing wrong in a shy child nor being shy makes her dumb. Accept it , as it's part of her personality and not as a problem or disability. Let her bloom in her own way and not by pressurizing her. hope this helps!

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