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Updated on Nov 29, 2017

my daughter is not eating food and especially vegetables... her health is going down day by day... I have tried all the ways to increase her interest in eating healthy food but she doesn't like it at all.. she just want to eat chocolate,chips and all type of junk food but non of the healthy food items.. and because of this she gets I'll very fast... Im very much worried plz suggest some thing...

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| Nov 29, 2017

hi Megha khare! first and foremost please keep all junk food out of stock at home. also serve her meals with family members . serve lil bit of everything that u have cooked on her plate. let meal time be fun time. talk about topics of her interest.. praise her when she tastes food on her plate ..let her associate meal time with happy things. gradually she will unlearn her old habits and come around. hope this helps! please go trough this blog. Hey! I find this parent blog really interesting. I suggest you have a look too:

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