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My daughter in 1. 9 yrs old..

Shyamali Singh

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Jan 08, 2016

My daughter is 1. 9 yrs old and falls sick often. Almost once in a month she gets fever which subsides for 2 days. I have few questions; 1. Is it common with this age group? 2. I give her calpol -5ml once the fever is above 100 degrees. My question is that if the fever goes down shall i still continue with the dose? If yes, how many doses should be given and for how many days? Please help.

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| Jan 08, 2016

Hi Shyamali. Fever, cough and cold is very common among young children. Please continue giving her calpol as directed in the pack for her age. You may also try other ways to help bring fever down, such as put a cold compress on her forehead (wet a small towel in lukewarm to cold water) for 20-30 minutes. Repeat whenever fever is high. A lukewarm bath also helps bring down the temperature. It is not necessary to give your daughter any medication if she does not have fever in my opinion. This prevents any chance of an overdose. Hope this helps!

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