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My daughter is 2. 7 years old , she is whines a lot from past 1 week

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Updated on Aug 17, 2017

My daughter is 2. 7 years old , she is whining a lot from past 1 week. She cries for everything and get things done. Yesterday night she was continuously crying from 1am to 4am for carrying her , to take her out . This is irritating a lot and not able to control her behaviour. Please suggest how to get rid of this kind of behaviour.

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| Aug 17, 2017

hi Naveen Chandramurthy ! probably she has found out a way to get her wishes fulfilled so she is using this trick to solve all her problems. let her know politely crying would not work at all, however calmly sharing with u what she wants might work. u need to tell her ,u would listen to her only when she is not whining... once she out of her fit, hug her, make her sit in your lap and listen to her. hope this helps!

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