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My daughter is 4. 3 year old nd my son 3 month old.. now a days my daughter is feeling neglected.. pls suggest what I do ..

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Created by Garima Kaushik
Updated on May 12, 2016

My daughter is 4. 3 year old nd my son 3 month old.. now a days my daughter feeling neglected.. pls suggest what I do ..

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| May 17, 2016

Thanks for ur suggestion.. It will definitely help me..

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| May 17, 2016

Hi Garima Kaushik! Congratulations on the arrival of your Lil bundle of joy! It's indeed a difficult phase for your elder one as she finds herself out of the frame. To make her feel important and special member of the family , u need to give attention to her. Involve her in age appropriate tasks such as colouring , making crafts, or taking both the kids to park or playing indoor games. Garima this is the time when she would need u more. U need to hug her more, pat her back, praise her often, take her in your lap , kiss her, cuddle her . Whenever u talk about kids , name elder one first as Lil one is too small to understand anything. Take help of family members in taking care of your son. After feeding him , the grandma or grandpa or even father can make him sleep or play with him if u have that support. Spend some 30 minutes exclusively with your elder one in which u can do her favorite activity. allow elder one to play with Lil one and her toys . Never scold one for another or do comparisons. Garima it's a tricky phase but I am sure with your love u will be able to manage both well. Hope this helps!

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