my daughter is 4 yrs old. her immune system is very weak. she doesn't take d food as we eat. I had to stir it properly. she is a bad eater. Plz suggest.

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Created by Paromita Das
Updated on May 25, 2016

my daughter is 4 yrs old. her immune system is very weak. she doesn't take d food as we eat. I had to stir it properly. she is a bad eater. she is suffering from chronic constipation. .

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| Aug 08, 2016

hi paromita try giving variety dont give your child same food every alternate day give her tomato soup veg soup or if you are cooking moong or mataki or harbhara in cooker make sure keep sone extra water in it after its cooked you can drain the water in other pan mix it with buttermilk and tbs of chaneka ata stir it add salt and pepper little abd sugar to taste and cook it with continuous stirring make sure dont boil it as it may spoil taste. you can give this with rice or simply drink it as soup. Pediasure with milk everyday 1 tine 1tbs only. Give 2 taste in one dish like if u r packing her tiffin or lunch give something crunchy with typical food or some sweet item with sabji if u giving dal chawal or kadhi chawal add homemade sweet limbu chatni or achar with it add chass or dahi yo her diet. Please feed her after every 2 hrs and in little portions like half chapati with half katori rice etc. add dryfuits, vegies and raitas and fruits like banana and apple to her diet

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| May 26, 2016

Also, constipation is a commmon thing with children these days. Even my kid has the issue where the intestines do not clear up thoroughly. Doc has advised 1) lots of water so that consistency of bowels softens 2)lots of exercise to burn food 3) not overfeeding the child 4) he also gave a laxative which has to be mixed with water 5) problem should sort out by 5 years of age are some pointers he shared with me. you can check with your paediatrician also

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| May 25, 2016

tnx swati for ur suggestions. I give her tomato soup almost every alternate day. I've nt tried for dry fruits though.

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| May 25, 2016

Hi Paromita, You could try and include more healthy options in her diet such as nuts, dried fruits, seeds, and fruits and vegetables. Try giving her a soup everyday--a cold cucumber/watermelon gazpacho or a vegetable soup/chicken soup. Add dried fruits and nuts to her raita, or give it to her in home-made desserts--kheer, pudding, cakes, etc. Besides regular food, intake of these additional things should help build immunity. hope this helps.

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