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my daughter is 4 yrs old. she is very shy in front of many people i. e family functions etc... and emotionally weak.

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Created by Vaishali Palekar
Updated on May 01, 2017

how to make her strong and bold?

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| May 01, 2017

hi Vaishali Palekar! that's perfectly ok for a child to be shy. not all children are comfortable in a gathering. Vaishali if feasible don't force her to greet others or perform while in front of strangers as that could make her further retreat to her shell. let her be comfortable in her own space on that particular occasion. having said that use other occasions when no guests are there to motivate her. buy her a Mike , let her say whatever she wants on that, let her sing in front of the mirror, praise her. make her join activity of her choice. motivate her to perform on that. for instance if she is good in art, display her work in her room , or on the walls of drawing room after getting it framed. give her a chance to showcase her talents. praise her in front of guests at home. if she is good in dance she could show her moves in front of her cousins with whom she is comfortable. Vaishali this needs your patience , persistent efforts and praise .I am sure she will come around if these 3 P's are practiced religiously.

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| May 01, 2017

as the child grow she may accostammed to situations around dont worry even my sister faced the same problem in childhood now she is doing well mingling with people around her....

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