my daughter is 5. 3 she is overweight n v foody how to stop her eating . her physical activities r v less. how to take care.

3 to 7 years

Created by Sakshi Madan
Updated on May 10, 2017

weight of my child

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| May 10, 2017

my daughter also foody

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| May 10, 2017

hi Sakshi Madan! I understand your concerns! you could make Prisha join any physical activity of her choice. it could be swimming, skating, dance, badminton etc . also make sure she doesnt sit at one place for long. for instance u could assign her roles wherein she needs​ to walk for instance arranging dishes on the dining table, or keeping used dishes in the kitchen, or watering plants, helping u with bringing clothes from balcony etc. or she could take rounds of the park early morning or even cycling would help a lot , use of stairs instead of lifts wherever possible . Sakshi u need to motivate her to adopt moderate activity rather than sedentary lifestyle. please ensure she is not too much dependent on carbs and her plate has all essential nutrients. plan a healthy nutritious diet for her. minimize intake of junk food , fats and sugars. Sakshi for the child alone to practice all these changes in lifestyle would be difficult. hence it's advisable for all family members to practice a healthy lifestyle and follow similar rules. make your referigerator junk free and replace all unhealthy items with fruits, vegetables, milk and other healthy items. encourage her and reward her to motivate her. hope this will be of help to u!

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