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My daughter is 6 year old. From the age of 6 months she has been sleeping through the night. When she used to nap in the afternoon, she would sleep late at night, after 11 pm for sure. However, when she started school, she sleeps at 10 pm and sleeps till 8 am. Lately however, I am seeing a change in her pattern. Even after an active day of school and extracurricular s, she has trouble falling asleep at night. She will usually lie awake for more than an hour after being put to bed, lights off and all necessary environment as before. I read somewhere that this is the age when kids do have trouble falling asleep. Is this true or do I have something to worry about?

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Dec 02, 2022

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| Dec 02, 2022

Nakashi hi, it's common in children of that age. They are very active and try to grasp as much as they can.. try keeping them engaged through out the day.. and also tell them the importance of being disciplined like early to bed and early to rise, try waking them early in the morning forcefully so that their routine changes. It definitely takes time but you have to strictly follow the routine

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