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my daughter is 6 year old. she is very naughty. she doesn't take us serious. how we change her behaviour.

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Created by Poonam Nikhil Lmalhotra
Updated on Jul 11, 2017

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| Jul 11, 2017

Hi poonam.... I also have a 6 yo old daughter & I also faced the same situation few months ago. Wat I did was I started observing her... Wen she is getting angry, wen she is not listening to me, wen she is knowingly annoying us.... I came to the conclusion that she is lacking my love & attention.... She had gt the feeling that fr my mother all other work is more imp than me. So I started giving her more time & love, handling patiently all her mischievousness.... But at the sanw time wen she is calm making her realize her mistakes as well.... Touchwood... She has changed & my little naughty girl has become my biggest support & strength!!!

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| Jul 11, 2017

hi Poonam ! I do comprehend your concern. this happens when we keep telling our children, if they don't listen to us , we would give this punishment or do that but we dont take it seriously ourselves and just don't do anything.. once they don't listen to us. or when we make promises but don't fulfill these. this makes them feel MoM and Dad can't be taken seriously. make sure u deal with her with love and care and avoid scolding her.. but in case she still doesn't listen to u, warn her of the consequences such as taking away a privelege for instance, no TV viewing that day . follow it seriously. don't hit her but just take away a privelege. on the other hand when she behaves well give her a smiley or a reward. hug her often .hope this helps!

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