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my daughter is 6 years old and very aggressive

3 to 7 years

Created by Shriniwas Ch
Updated on Jun 20, 2016

my daughter is 6 years old and shez very aggressive and she always wants to playy actually she loved to play all the 24 hours and she do it everything oppsite if i say her dont sleep she wil sleep if i say dont touch she wants to touch i am fes up with het and now i hav three months son also its ben very hectic to contrrol het she mmisbehaves some times she will hit suddenly

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| Jun 21, 2016

Hi Srinivas, I completely agree with Canisha. 1. The first thing we should do is, we have to prepare our kids well in advance for their sibling. 2. We suddenly stop expressing the love and attention we used to. 3. We often try to explain the elder child that they must understand their parents' problems which they're facing while handling the younger child without realizing what emotional problems they must be going through. So try these with your elder child. 1. Give your elder child a hug and lots of kisses as he/ she wakes up from sleep in the morning. 2. Sit patiently with him keeping your hand on his back, for 5 minutes and talk generally with him . Don't try to teach or explain anything. 3. Two minutes before he leaves for school, talk to him bending down to his height, looking into his eyes, and explain the things that you want from him, firmly in a low pitch. 4. Remember to keep your instructions clear with him. 5. Never forget that he is still a child and wants the same love from you which you used to give before your second baby. 6. Never discuss anything about any child to anyone. 7. Do not keep any negative feeling about your child. We often are messed up and think and talk negative about our child. Avoid doing that. Always think, he must be in some problem, so he's behaving that way. 6. Think from his point of view.

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| Jun 20, 2016

Hi Shriniwas, do you realise that this could be her way of getting your attention. You see did you talk to her about your pregnancy or like that you will be giving her a brother or sister? did you prepare her well in advance for a sibling. Probably she is trying to get your attention think about it and then think about it from her point of view. For almost 6 years she was the only child and now she has a sibling who seems like a competitor more rather than a sibling.

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| Jun 20, 2016

tell her in a way that she can understand that he is her brother. he only plays with her when he grows. tell so many times in a day that he is your brother only,you are his sister,you are a grown and we'll known girl,you are a good and intelligence girl. tell her always that brother don't know anything you have to learn him,say in a polite way she slowly begin to understand your problem. don't beat her show her some effection

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