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my daughter is 7 months old. I started solid foods to her. But I don't know how many times I should feed her the solids and should I give her milk inbetween?

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Updated on Jul 21, 2016


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| Jul 21, 2016

consult ur paediatrician for it.. he/she will guide u through.

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| Jul 22, 2016

absolutely, you should give her milk in between, if you have just began solids try to give her once or twice a day and continue breastfeeding as you were earlier, our baby is 7 months old and we feed him solids 3 times a day and regular breastfeeding after every 1. 5-2 hrs( Our pediatrician has asked to feed him 4 times a day) His interest varies though, sometimes he eats full bowl sometimes just 5-7 spoons, if he doesn't eat enough then my wife brestfeeds him. again your daughter may or may not eat, but offering her you will understand whether she needs or not. decide a time, my wife feeds him as soon as he's awake in the morning say around 7, later around 8:30-9 we feed him solids like ragi or applesauce etc. again we keep an eye on the clock. 2 hrs he should be fed something and if he's not hungry he'll just not eat, Again, you will have to try to know what your daughter likes. The 2 hour thing is working for us he is fit and healthy with required weight at8. 7kg . All these things are considering if baby is not ill or teething. I hope this information helps (just our experience) open to suggestions or questions. Happy parenting

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