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My daughter is 7 years n I use to teach my daughter in a playful manner but while teaching her I started discovering that she knows her answer n spellings very well but when it comes to writting she gets confused... like while taking spelling text ..if as

7 to 11 years

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Updated on Nov 07, 2015

Smart kid but fails to write answer

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| Nov 24, 2015

Hi Mansi! Facing difficulties in writing at this age is not uncommon. But if u have noticed a pattern in the problems faced or mistakes made by your child it could be due to dysgraphia which is a specific learning difficulty that can affect written expression. U could consult an occupational therapist,if u notice illegible handwriting,writing reverse letters, difficulty in translating thoughts on paper, frequent spelling mistakes, inability to recognizing sounds and also mixing of upper case, lower case and print letters. With the help of a special educator, class teacher and/or occupational therapist it can be managed to an extent. But if u feel mistakes are due to carelessness, and none of the above mentioned symptoms are present u could give more of practice in writing. Take her help in jotting down grocery items, list of to- do things, making a timetable or other non pressurized situations where she is relaxed and can give her best. At the end of the day u could ask her to write few lines on how her day was. Motivate her to express her thoughts in writing and also give her topics related to events / ocassions etc. She can write in points and then discuss her thoughts. Parise her for her efforts and please avoid demotivating if the outcome is not what u expected as in that case she would dread writing and would make more mistakes because of unwillingness to write .The more u would be rewarding with stars, smileys and adjectives and of course hugs and pats the better the result would be. Hope this helps!

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