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my daughter is 8 yr old

7 to 11 years

Created by Premalatha Kotih
Updated on Apr 19, 2017

she always blames me for everything. she shouts and argues with me. can you help me find out the way to control her anger

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| Apr 20, 2017

Apart from what shikha told you can even give her feelings a name for example if she is very annoyed tell her aacha aapko gussa aa raha hai... then keep a pause for sometime automatically she will speak up things. At times if we give name to their feelings and dont utter anything they themselves open up and after some time behave normally

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| Apr 20, 2017

hi Premalatha! I understand your concerns! she is at a stage where the influence of peer group is more on her. she compares their parents with hers and may be she feels she is not at par with them. this could be one of the reasons for her not being happy with u. please talk to her and find out what's bothering her. work on the bond that u share with her. try and connect with her. appreciate her when she is good. hug her often. let her know how special she is for u. spend time with her. do activities such as cooking or playing a game or watching TV together. this would open a channel for u both to come closer and share your concerns with each other. avoid judging her and have faith in her. hope this helps!

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