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my daughter is intelligent but she is lazy and does eat nutrious food she does listen to me

7 to 11 years

Created by Poonam Joshi
Updated on Feb 26, 2017

lazy and doesn't listen

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| Feb 26, 2017

hi Poonam Joshi! children get lazy because they are either involved with gadgets or are viewing TV and all their work gets done by help or us. u need to lay down some basic rules, such as she needs to put her clothes in their respective place, organize her room, arrange her books, bed and toys. if she doesn't listen just let them be wherever they are. don't arrange her bed , books and clothes for two three days and let her room be cluttered. gradually she will learn to manage. it might sound harsh but thats the only way out to let them know , someone was doing all these tasks for them and now it's time they get independent. as far as nutritious food is concerned take her help in cooking. ask her choice of veggie and let her help u cook it ( not on fire but assisting u in organizing things) . give the credit to her and tell everyone she has helped u at all stages be it planning to cooking. let everyone praise her. go slow with one veggie at a time and u could try this experiment on weekends. I am sure by being actively involved u would not only help her develop interest in knowing about veggies, but would also enjoy tasting it. hope this helps!!

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| Feb 26, 2017

hii poonam.. give her dry fruits .. if not having fruits u can give juices of fruits.. extract it at home.. deal with luv dont scold .. try to be friendly..

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