My daughter is not at all interested in extra curricular activities....

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Updated on Apr 07, 2016

My daughter is not at all interested in activity classes. I put her in Drawing,Dance and Karate. She wants to take leave often for all the classes. Am forcing her to send. Because if that she is going and I think she is not very much active. She is always thinking and thinking. If I told her anything, she will respond her very late that too if I shout at 4 or more times. No entertainment for her except TV. Bcoz of all the classes she gets half n hour or 1 hour to play in the park.. then after returning to home ahead will watch the TV Mostly till dinner. Could u anyone pls suggest us what to do.. ?

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| Apr 09, 2016

Hi Devi Ravishankar, how r u? I believe forcing kid into an activity which is not of her choice would be of no good to her. Look for her interest area and make her join any one activity class in a day of her choice. If she is not interested in any of the activities u could simply take her to the park or for cycling or skating or do craft work with her. To make her interested u could accompany her. Your presence will make her feel happy and she will get the attention too. Also when u talk to her,make sure she is not busy doing something and attentively listening to u. Tell her' Mama wants to speak to u, so I am switching off TV or u need to stop whatever u r doing and listen to me . 'make her sit, look into her eyes and calmly tell her what do u expect from her. Make a fixed routine. Talk to her and understand what she wants. Involve her in household chores like feeding pets,,watering plants, stacking clothes ,cleaning her room. Appreciate her when she is good. Reward her ,praise her. When she doesn't listen repeat once and then let her know u r switching off TV as she didn't obey the rules. reduce screen time to 1 to 1 and a half hour maximum in a day. ask her favorite serial and just let her watch that. Give her time for studies ,rest and recreation . Devi i understand your concern to make her active but not at the cost of her happiness. Look for the middle path which makes both of u happy. Hopefully this helps!

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