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My daughter is so possessed

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Updated on Mar 17, 2016

Hi ,My daughter is 15 months old. I resumed back to work when she was 11 months old. she will cry on top of her voice if I ask my in laws or my maid to hold her .When im at home on weekends she doesn't even allow me to go bathroom. She wants to stick on to me always when I'm with her. If I m not present at home she doesn't even care .She ll be busy with her activities. With her behavior I don't even dare to have a second child. Please advise.

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| Mar 21, 2016

Hi Apoorva, it is quite a natural behaviour for a 15 month old child. She has a separation anxiety when you leave her in the care of your in laws hence she clings to you when you are at home during weekends. As for having a second child you may plan a second child when your daughter is around 3.

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