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My daughter is very immature.

7 to 11 years

Created by Smaranita De
Updated on Sep 07, 2017

She is 10 years old & she is very immature for her age. She thinks herself as baby like her brother who is 5 yrs . She always compare with him... he is studying less, he is getting tv more.... he is playing more & so on. I cant make her understand that for her age she have to work more. She makes noise from her mouth & try to seek attention. School & drawing school all over there is a complain that she is too much talkative & disturb class. Her friends call her mental. We talked to 2 child psychologist but they said she is very immature so it looks like she has problem . How can i change her behaviour??? Would it is right time to talk to her about menstrual problem. How to talk to her? Pls help.

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| Sep 07, 2017

Thank u u mam. But we all love her the most. My son also love her so much that i cant scold her in front of him. She was very immature from first only but as she was our first issue we pampered her . When my son came she might be feeling sharing problem as she was alone for 5 yrs. But till now if we give one gift to son.... one for her too. Its equal. But she thinks bhai is studying less, he cant eat himself i have to feed , she always says why he is studying so less & u make me study so long. I cant make her understand that when she was at that age she had studied less than his brother. But now she is growing. I will try to follow what u said. Because i cant see my darling gets humiliated in front of any one.

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| Sep 07, 2017

hi Smaranita De! I believe somewhere we are not able to understand this child. please find out why is she behaving immaturely. is it because when her brother does the same thing, he gets praised, he gets all the attention , all eyes are on him. so she thinks by imitating him, she too would grab eyeballs. believing so, she has made it her style , thinking someday she would be loved like him. think from a child's point of view. was she like this before her brother was born? please try and give attention to her, praise her when she behaves well. hug her often. tell her u love her , she is so special to u, u r proud of her, u can't imagine life without her. teach her brother to respect her and address her as Didi . avoid scolding her or criticizing her or comparing siblings. Smaranita De it's time she gets what she wants , so that she doesn't have to imitate anyone else. this is insane , who gave her friends the right to call her Mental. please teach her to defend herself, which would happen only when u praise her at home and respect her for who she is .find her strengths and praise her through those. she is talkative as she wants someone to listen to her. spend time talking to her. hope this helps!

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