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My daughter morale is getting down as she thinks that I never allow her to go out she wants to socialize with people but people here are not trust worthy

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Jun 07, 2017

my baby girl she is 3. 4 years she always asks me mom can I go out and play but I always deviate her mind saying things and when I get free i take her out to play but she need more she want me to leave her alone but my neighbors are not welcoming in brief I can't leave her thinking that she vl b fine. This bringing my child morale down like she feels home arrest at home what should I do other reason is I have other works to do so I can't b with her out all the time please help me out

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| Jun 07, 2017

hi Hina Firdouse Shaikh! as a mother of two girls myself I do understand your concerns. it's not safe to leave your child there but u can always invite kids at your place ( if their parents are willing to send). or u could take her to the park and she in your presence could play with her agemates.. i understand even if you would want to explain this to your child, she would not agree with u as she is too small to understand this. create opportunities wherein she is safe and cheerful too which would happen if u take care of your as well as her concerns. tkcare!

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