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my daughter shows interest in others and gets impressed with their activities

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Updated on Feb 26, 2017

my 7 year old daughter always want to go to others house and spend time with outsiders. she doesn't prefer to stay in home. she likes playing shuttle, as she doesn't have company, I play along with her. but she looks at the beside players and get impressed. When I asked her, she says I like the activities other people do. even though she does the same, she doesn't enjoy it. As there are no kids who invite her, but she is interested, how can I make her enjoy her own activities and stop running in the back of others.

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| Feb 26, 2017

hi Satya V! i understand your concerns and appreciate that u r trying to help your child by taking her friends' place. each and every person that is there in our child's life has an important role to play be it her sibling, cousins, teachers, friends , or even children whom she is not friends with. let her enjoy her childhood by playing with her agemates. help your daughter make friends. this is the age when there should be loads of physical activity as lack of it can make her obese. also it would be difficult to match childrens' energy level, the games they play and the fun they do together. something would always be a miss. so, it's in the interest of the child to allow her to play outside with agemates. u could invite them home and break the ice , let them know each other better. hope this helps!!

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