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my daughter want to sleep with me

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Jan 09, 2019

hi My 3 year old want to sleep with me but I have an infant. i feel guilty when I say no to her. how should I tackle the situation . please help to come out of my guilty.

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| Jan 11, 2019


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| Jan 10, 2019

Hi Vimal sharma , evry parent undergo this situation. U can b wth her until c z asleep n then move on to ur infant. U can also ask ur daughter to sleep wth ur spouse n say I ll finish my work n join u. First it ll b a lil difficult bt then they ll adapt to it. Tried this for my lil one too. It worked out

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| Jan 09, 2019

hi Vimal sharma ! I can understand yr concern.. u could make her sleep on the sofa cum bed in the same room by your side which can be removed once she wakes up. and by next year make her sleep in a separate room.

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