My daughter was born 2. 4kg and now 2. 3years old and only 10kg. Her height is 82cm. She does not drink milk and was on bm until first 14months. She eats well, 3 meals, 2-3 snacks, veg and non veg both. She loves steamed veggies broccoli, carrot, sweet potato. eat dal, rice, pasta, fruits etc. We make everything in desi ghee and give her occasional ice-cream. Well, I am trying to say that her diet has no problem, we also give her supplements for Iron and multivitamin and calcium. she is very active and talks all the time. speak many full sentences in 2 languages. what is the reason for her to be short statue, she looks like 15 months old in the school and still in size1 clothes. I don’t know what we can do to help her. someone can help me of they have experienced the same.

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Updated on May 17, 2020

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| May 17, 2020

Hi Chanchal !I do understand your concern. After one year weight gain is little slow in children. You could serve her meals with family members and let her eat on her own. The diet that you are serving her is good enough. Just try and add whole grain cereals to it like bajra, ragi, jowar, etc. also give lentils, beans and seasonal fruits and vegetables besides green leafy vegetables. Try and add a spoonful of roasted nuts and seeds powder to her diet but first please ensure which nuts suit her and which do not one by one. Once assured then only give a trail mix . You could give her buttermilk, yogurt, vegetable soup, Coconut water etc to maintain hydration. Do not worry she will catch up as some children are really playful and all their calories are lost in their activities, so they do not gain much weight. You are doing a good job Chanchal . So do not worry.

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| May 17, 2020

Here is a blog which your might find useful. Please go through the link below. Blogs- Also you can clarify your doubts in a live session with a pediatrician on Monday. please register yourself on the link given below.

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