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My daughter who is 9yr become careless. in studies

7 to 11 years

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Updated on Oct 02, 2015

Hi all this my first talk need to know my elder one she was very good in studies previously but from 4th class she back very careless overconfident and focus is less memory also become less.. In exams she know 10line answer she write onlys 4 lines lazyness or wht I don't understand I beat her I explain her in many ways I don't won't to u be first in class but wht u learn wht u know atlest write it down.. I don't she forgot S in exam or wht ...tried so many solution but I want her to be serious in studies ...planning how to study.. And all pl help

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| Oct 04, 2015

Hi padma! You could read this blog by carol on how to improve you child's concentration levels. Also, what shall help your child is unwavered encouragement anf constant support to learn better and do better. Avoid taking and passing anynkind of a pressure on your child.

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