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Updated on Jan 10, 2018

Can I use Dove shampoo or panteen or Himalaya for my daughter hair fall she is 11 years old.

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| Jan 18, 2018

Hi, I agree with @shikha, rather then chemical you can try change in the diet and her schedule. If you were comfortable with your earlier shampoo and oil then surely you can again go ahead. I doubt that shampoo helps in increasing hair.

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| Jan 11, 2018

Thanks mam but which shampoo I should use for my daughter she is just 10 years and having vry badly hair fall. I use clinic plus shampoo and coconut oil. Not was problem. She was having fever 3 month becom after that she got vry badly hair fall.

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| Jan 10, 2018

hi leena nadar Venky ! hope u r doing good ! avoid pantene and other shampoos. keep her well hydrated. add protein, calcium, iron, and micro nutrients to her diet.. make sure she gets 10 to 12 hrs sleep in a day, is under no stress.. fellow parents please give yr take on this.

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